My life in a museum? 30 days of biking sightseeing

Day 27 of day 30, a day of cycling sightseeing combining art, architecture, digital photos and cycling.  I went to see the Glasgow architectural masterpiece which is Scotland Street School.  This is a wonderful and free tourist attraction, easily accessible from the city centre via cycle routes from Bells Bridge, and also subway (it is opposite Shields Road station). It is not your ordinary school, it was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and is fitted as a museum with class room s from various periods (Victorian to 1960’s).

There are wonderful architectural details, typical of Mackintosh, with nature inspired motifs, vibrant colours and Locharbriggs red sandstone.

I enjoyed playing some old games, hopscotch with a bike helmet and also diabolo skills. Some interesting memories popped up when I went around the “gym” section of the exhibition.  I used to hate those stupid wooden bars in my school.  I could never go quickly enough or high enough (or hang long enough) for some people. Hmm. Funny how changing your activity regime brings up memories you had forgotten about!

I also found some nice memories, Ladybird architecture books and colourful bits of wood I used to call cubits which are designed to help teach numbers.  I feel old, my life in a museum!

I created 30 and 27 in cubits 🙂

There was a nice art exhibition of school memories from an intergenerational project, some pictures were showing happy bikes and scooters

Happy touristy day.




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