Nextbike goes East- a day out on the Innertube

This month I am guest blogging for the Nextbike unofficial Facebook page, as a big fan of the bikes I thought it would be fun to respond to a request for a Nextbike diary blog so for the month of September I am writing about my adventures.

Today (September 1st) I had a meeting in Edinburgh, and I thought I would take the WeegieWheels for a wee trip to the East. There is normally plenty space on the Scotrail Edinburgh Glasgow trains for bikes during non peak times, so getting the bike to have a little holiday for the day was easy. Picking up my bike at Queen Street station I headed in to buy my ticket and ponder the best route to the platform. I forgot there are wide gates for bikes and buggies! On Scotrail Glasgow- Edinburgh trains there are special areas for storing bikes, marked on the outside of the carriage doors so that you know where to access the bike racks. Each carriage with bike storage is meant to accomodate 2 bikes, which get attached with a clip and strap (more info on bikes on trains here).

























On the train I perused my Innertube and Spokes maps (I have been over to Edinburgh with my own bike before and used to work in Edinburgh so know bits of the city reasonably well, although I always feel a bit like a tourist when I go through).










My meeting was in the new town, and I had not cycled in Edinburgh since the trams were introduced so I was a little worried about sharing my journey with them, but it was actually a very simple and smooth journey along Atholl Place and in towards Princes Street from Haymarket. When I was stopping off near the coffee shop for my meeting I saw a Spokes Lothian van and had a quick chat with the driver who was a little curious as to how the bike had made its way to Edinburgh! How fun.












From town I then headed Leith to meet my friend. The route down Leith Walk was quite scary as there seemed to be a lot of potholes and bumps to negotiate! I shoogled my way along to the harbour and Teuchters Landing area (one of my favourite Edinburgh resting places). Several folk stopped to ask me if I had cycled all the way from Glasgow (part of me wanted to say yes, but that would be an adventure for another day).

From Leith it was an easy route back towards town along the many traffic free cycle paths (which are shared routes, well used by commuters, dog walkers, runners and enthusiastic combinations of all of these, many are ex-railway routes) They were quite busy, and at times it felt like it was actually a road as there are junction markings painted on the path at areas which get particularly congested.







Here is a taster of the path areas:

I cycled back along Roseburn path towards Haymarket (stopping to admire the view over the river) and headed home via the train, dropping off my wheels at Central Station. Happy days!

edinburgh water




















Here is (roughly) the route I took, 16km in all.


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    I am guest blogging for the Nextbike Glasgow unofficial Facebook fan site this month, keeping a blog of my Nextbike travels. Here was today’s adventure.

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